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Estate Planning is a very general term to describe every aspect of planning for the future. A comprehensive Estate Plan involves wills, general trusts, special
Probate is a legal action to determine what should be done with the property, both real and personal, of a person who passed away. There
The financial abuse of a vulnerable elderly or incapacitated person by another person who is in a position of trust and confidence to the vulnerable
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A Will is a legal document that does not become effective until after the person who executed it dies and their survivors file a probate
Trusts are an excellent alternative to a Will in planning for the distribution of your belongings and property after you pass and to give certain
Trust litigation normally involves one of two different issues.  Either the trustor was not mentally competent to create a trust when they did or the
A Special Needs Trust is very similar to any other trust.  Also known as a Supplemental Needs Trust, the big difference is that the trust
Guardianships come in many different types. Oklahoma law allows for general and limited guardianship for both minors and adults. Each have different requirements. In addition,
If you are a pet owner, make some plan for who will care for your pets when you are not able. Unfortunately, too many people
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