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Just like preparing for one of nature’s storms, estate planning can help you weather life’s unexpected “storms.” Think of your will as your emergency evacuation plan. This legal document ensures that your belongings are allocated according to your wishes, providing...

Weathering Life’s Storms

An estate plan has quite a bit in common with a symphony orchestra, with each component playing a crucial role in creating a harmonious legacy. Just as every instrument contributes to the orchestra's melody, each element of your estate plan collaborates to compose a unified and orchestrated future for your loved ones.

Creating Your Estate Planning Symphony

A well-drafted estate plan can help ensure that your loved one with special needs has financial protection and continued support.

Making a Will Can Protect Your Child With Special Needs

Mental disabilities take many forms, and not all of them affect a person with special needs’ ability to make decisions. In fact, although many, if not most, people with either mental illness or some form of cognitive disability may require...

Most Adults With Special Needs Require Estate Planning Documents

Much like crafting a balanced diet, establishing a healthy estate plan involves a mix of essential components, thoughtful choices, and proactive measures.

How Healthy Is Your Estate Plan?

Planning for the future well-being of an adult child with disabilities is, an ongoing process.

Building an Estate Plan for Adult Children with Disabilities